Five Gifts To Get The Witch In Your Life || Holiday Gift Guide

by Kirsten Renee

No matter what you celebrate this holiday season nothing says “I love you most” like gift giving! Every witch (old and young) loves to be thought of, especially when we get gifts that aid our specific crafts! With Yule, Kwanzaa, Christmas & other December holidays roll through it is easy to get confused about who gets what gift! Don’t you worry pal, I’ve got you covered for the mystic in your life. I’ve gathered a short shopping guide for those of you who have no idea how to buy for a witch!

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  1. Crystals

Crystal healing is one of the many forms of healing within the spiritual community. Crystals not only provide different healing properties, but they’re also very pretty to look at! Don’t know anything about crystals that’s fine! Here’s a few basic crystals that you can purchase for your friends who like to do a little healing.

  • Rose Quartz : Creativity , Calm, Love, Raises self love

  • Citrine: Confidence, Passion, Manifestation, Abundance

  • Clear Quartz: Clarity, Transformation, Cleansing, Harmony

  • Selenite: Expand awareness, Motivation, Stimulates brain activity

  • Tigers Eye: Brings order, Balance, Strength, Enhances personal power

2. Tarot Cards

Not every witch uses Tarot as their preferred form of divination, however it is by far one of the most popular forms. Tarot reading has been done for CENTURIES and many mystic’s use them in their practice. I, for one am a huge fan of tarot and use it every day in my personal practice + in my business.

Here’s a few tarot decks that you can pick up for your intuitive friend!

3. A Visa Gift Card

Seriously, Witches love money because sometimes it costs money to get spell supplies! If you’re a proclaimed Dollar Tree witch like myself, then you understand! Sometimes we don’t just have random candles, Herbs, Jars, etc just laying around! You want to show your love for a witch, support her spell fund!

4. A Giftcard To a Bookstore

Witches love a good book and with so many witches publishing quality content these days there’s A LOT of books to add to the collection. So many books to choose from like;

5. A Journal or Planner

Witches get shit done + 2019 is going to be a busy year for everyone! Help your favorite witch get ready for an exciting year by picking up a journal or workbook! Here’s a few top notch Journals and Planners to pick up.

Gift giving is such a beautiful form of showing love to the people who mean the most to you. No matter what you celebrate, the language of gift giving isn’t exclusive to the holidays! Have a happy solstice witches!