For The New Witch: Spring Equinox + How To Work Your Flower Magick.

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Happy Ostara/ Spring Equinox you beautiful flower children! 

If you're wondering just exactly what Ostara is, it's the day where Earth wakes up from the best sleep of her life. Sharing this moment with Spring Equinox (The beginning of Spring) , we enter a period of rebirth. It's the day of the divine feminine/ goddess. The renewal we experience is a very special time for kickstarting new goals, revisiting old ideas, etc. Scott Cunningham, author of "Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner." Says that Ostara is when "The Goddess blankets the earth with fertility, bursting forth from her sleep, as the God stretches and grows to maturity. He walks the greening fields and delights in the abundance of nature. (pg 64.)"     I've recently started working with plant magick and dedicating myself  into practicing flower magick. For me Ostara is a time for blooming, Now is the time to stretch your petals and let yourself ease your way into a new transformation. 

I like to think of this time as me stepping out into the world after brainstorming an idea. It's a time for me personally to let my creations that I have nurtured through the dark winter months, out for some sunlight. The greatest gift of witchcraft is that you're constantly learning, and expanding your limits. The magick you produce now will be the energy that lasts for awhile, so ask yourself if you're ready to get what you manifest? If you're celebrating your first Ostara like me, I want to say this. The power that you feel is all yours, and how you will it will be a key part into this life of yours. Now is the perfect time to cleanse your home, your work space, your storage on your phone, etc.  Spring cleaning means getting rid of the cobwebs and opening yourself up to the divine. 

Taking a breath of fresh air spiritually, Spring Equinox slides us right into Aries season (Sun in Aries (3/21-4/19) like a road made of gold. Aries, ruled by Mars and the very 1st zodiac sign brings in a fiery passion for rebranding oneself. While Aries can be aggressive, the sign is also one of the most independent, and assertive signs! If you've been feeling lost in your practice, tap into the energetic boost that Aries brings in. If there's something you want to learn how to do, take a class, connect with people in that particular field, head to your local library, buy books, etc. Your mind is ready to take in new information, it's time to learn and really excel in your path. Push yourself to new heights, and be patient in your journey. With Mercury stationing Retrograde in Aries, we get a really special moment universally. Mercury Retrograde is a reminder that we don't need to rush, and that taking our time to plan things out will actually help us in the long run. 

Since Mercury represents the mind and communication, be careful about the words that you speak. I like to think of Mercury Rx as a time of simple living, and really focusing on my physical life. Like visiting coffee shops, redecorating my living space, hanging out with close friends, and even just writing more. Rediscover the things that you love to do, and something new while you're at it. Let you mind disconnect from the idea of time, and timelines because once you slow down and focus you'll see things differently. 

Growth is a natural and exciting part of life, like the flowers that have begun to bloom. We too share a very special bond with the springtime, and like the planet we live on we began a new cycle as well.

"Springtime is like waking up from that good nap you took on a rainy Saturday afternoon. "


I'm a person who suffers from seasonal depression, it's something I've experienced my entire life, and I'm just now recognizing how to live with it. Since I began practicing magick I've noticed how I've connected deeply to the changing of the seasons. I've noticed that any form of magick that I do is directly linked with the seasons. For Spring Equinox I decided to spend time with my closests friends as my form of ritual. Spending time with the people that I love, is one way that I connect with my heart. Friendships of any kind should always be honored, because these people are who you choose to have in your life. 

Having deep, and meaningful conversations can help you find answers that you've been seeking. Let yourself be cared for this spring, let those who love you do their job. . . Being there. Plants are self sufficient yes, but they can always use a helping hand every once in a while. 




Here's a simple Springtime ritual list that you can do! You don't have to do everything on this list, or anything at all! Remember you can make your ritual look like whatever you want it to!  

  1. Meditation: Take the first 10 minutes of your day to sit with your thoughts, and allow your body to wake up! 
  2. Early morning yoga/gym session : Waking up early can actually improve your mental health. Exercising is a perfect way to wake your mind up and get pumped for the day.
  3. Planning your day: You can always do this the night before, either way making a day to day schedule will help you stay F O C U S E D! 
  4. Eating BALANCED meals: A plant can't grow if its environment is unhealthy. Spring cleaning counts for your body too! 
  5. Making time for MEANINGFUL relationships:  Stop being a homebody and do your part in keeping your relationships solid with the people you love. 
  6. Take a break from social media: Disconnect from the internet for a little bit! Now's the perfect time to get outside and live a little. 
  7. Get a tarot reading: So many messages are coming through fast this spring, use this energy to connect to the divine and dive deeper into the meaning of your journey. If you're interested in learning how to read tarot buy yourself a deck. For my dollar store witches, buy a deck of playing cards, and a good book on the meaning of Tarot. My favorite is The Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean, you can purchase it at your local bookstore or Amazon! 

I hope you find your answers in this post, and that you continue to grow in your journey in witchcraft. Happy Spring Equinox!